When Everything Is Over.

Have not been updating my blog for a very long time. Well, being preoccupied with so many kind of home task and events here in Moscow. The ladder to climb up to be a doctor in the future is not easy, it’s really steep and full with lots of obstacles. Recently, I’ve just finished two of my major papers which is Anatomy and Histology. Histology is not that tough to me just that we got to be really precise when looking at those slides. Anatomy made my nerves wrecked and I didn’t get to eat well before the final examination. It’s a real wide and huge subject so far but the final results really made me happy. All those hard work and sleepless nights paid off well.

I will always put on replay mode on a single song for every single final paper that I sit for. When I was to complete my first year finals, Biology was the final paper. Yeah, Biology again during first year. Welcome to Moscow. We’ve repeated every single thing we learnt during A-levels. Anyway, I’ve played Talking To The Moon by Jason Chen before my Biology paper. The best part of it is, I took the flight back to Malaysia right after the exam. There were only like 4-5 hours left before my flight right after my exam. That was the best feeling ever after finishing an exam.

Then, last semester, second year first semester. Histology exam came first. We had a group studies all night long and right before the exam, we played The Final Countdown by Europe. We were all hyped up by the song and went for the exam with confidence. I thought that I could sit for the exam first but I didn’t get to as the queue of candidates was too long to sit for the examination. In the end, I’ve waited for about 4-5 hours and then, I got to sit for my exam. Came out from the exam hall with a big smile and felt relieved.

The after results of sitting for my Histology paper didn’t last long as after 3 days, it was my Anatomy paper. I was like a crazy guy who just came out from the jungle studying like a mad cow. Books after books, notes after notes. Imagining that I will need these knowledge I’ve gained from Anatomy when I am a HO in the future. Being a doctor will never be an easy task. Lot’s of effort are needed in the future. Not only in the future, but from now onwards. As I told you, before every single finals, there would be a song to listen to. So, what would the song be played on the replay mode before Anatomy final exam? It was Safe and Sound sang by Megan Nicole and Tiffany Alvord. So, what was the result for my Anatomy exam? It was an excellent result! I was really satisfied on all that I’ve done for both my final exam for the second year first semester. Hope for the same this semester.

I actually did the same thing which is to take the earliest flight back to Malaysia right after the exam. I took the midnight flight right after my exam so that I could actually rest a while in my dorm. I went back with some friends and we were totally happy with our final outcome and the decision to book the flight right after the exam when we actually haven’t sit for the exam.


Right before boarding the plane back to Moscow to continue chasing my dream.

P.S. Malaysia is the best place to live at for a long term period. 1 Malaysia! I love you always!


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